Priority target of the Company is to give continuity to the historical presence of its brand in the market of dispensers for hot, cold, frozen beverages and ice-creams, caring the distribution in most important Countries in the world, and strengthening the reliability image of its products. In order to pursue this aim, the following steps are strategic:
  • Research and development of technologic solution and best design
  • Reliability and functionality of products
  • Servicing/after sale service
For which we deem necessary a constant commitment for:
  • Continuous focus on Customers’ and users’ requirements
  • Constant tests on good functioning of products
  • Staff technical training and sensitization
  • Market feedback analisys
  • After sale service network
Above mentioned actions are to be continuous, and must respect not onlhy the existing Italian laws, but also the laws in force in those Countries where products are meant to be distributed, with the aim to mutual satisfaction of all concerned Parties.

Through the implementation and the preservation of a management system consistent with ISO 9001 standards, the Company intends to codify its production and organization know-how, in order to, Share it inside the organization itself, perform the auditing through a system of indicators, improve it, in coherence with market conditions.

General tasks are achieved by The elaboration of yearly performance of main processes targets, the planning of details objectives, the improvements of management system. Such planning is granted by the Direction, yearly, after the periodical examination of the system.

la Direzione

UNI EN ISO 9001 2015

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