The desire of Company Management to implement and support a Social Responsibility Policy is aimed at strengthening and disseminating concepts and objectives focused upon global improvement of working conditions as an intrinsic product value, worthy of attention from consumers. MILANO DISPENSERS SPA Company Management, in particular, is committed to:
  • Not implementing or encouraging the use of child labour
  • Not implementing or encouraging the use of forced labour
  • Not implementing or encouraging the use of coercive practices or physical and psychological violence
  • Guaranteeing the health and safety of its workers and healthy working environments
  • Valuing differences and guaranteeing equal opportunities
  • Respecting the workers’ rights to freedom of association
  • Prohibiting any type of discrimination towards workers
  • Complying with existing legislation in relation to the rights/duties of workers
  • Continuously improving the management system
  • Treating all our customers and suppliers with honesty and impartiality
  • Paying the utmost attention to the way in which payments are made in order to identify any irregularities
  • Strongly prohibiting “facilitation” payments (those to expedite or facilitate bureaucratic processes)

Social responsibility involves compliance with the principles listed above also by suppliers forming part of the production chain and belonging to both national and international fields; therefore, MILANO DISPENSERS SPA also undertakes to pursue a policy of preventing behaviour which deviates from those principles.

The Company guarantees transparent communication with other regulatory bodies and associations on Social Responsibility requirements.

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