B-cube 6

Following on from the highly successful B-cube machine, Bras decided to create a 6-litre version able to store larger amounts of product. A one-of-a-kind tool made in Italy, perfect for making cold creams, sorbets and slushies. A compact-yet-elegant “boutique machine” designed to help you deliver your message and/or product in the most effective way and give you the freedom to customise however you like. The two versions available include an electronically adjustable solution with constant temperature control and a SMART version.
Technical characteristics   B-cube 6.1 B-cube 6.2 B-cube 6.3
Transparent removable bowls n 1 2 3
Capacity of each bowl, approx l 6 6 6
Width cm 19 39 60
Dept cm 52 52 52
Height cm 61 61 61
Net weight, approx kg 24 38 50
Gross weight, approx kg 26 40 52
Adjustable thermostat n 1 2 3
Power W 460 1100 1300
Gas (240V 50Hz, 230V 50Hz)   R290 R290 R290
Gas (220V 60Hz, 100/115V 50/60Hz)   R134a R134a R448a


Other technical features
- Shock proof, non toxic copolyester container, with about 6 litres capacity
- Painted steel panels
- Hermetic compressor
- Air - cooled condenser
- Overload protector
- Condenser filter
- Noise level lower than 70 dB (A)
- R290: equipped with ATEX electrical components


Available voltages
- 230V 50Hz
- 115V 60Hz
- 208-220V 60Hz
- 240V 50Hz
- 100V 50/60Hz




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