Modern and innovative, it can be used to offer your customers ice cream with a firm consistency as well as a wide range of new products.
Designed with maximum attention to quality, details and functionality, it will soon become an appliance you can't do without.
Surprisingly compact and highly elegant, it is easy to use thanks to its touch screen display with intuitive icons.
Fully customizable, it can be used to promote your image and products in an impressive way.


Technical characteristic   Is-cream
Bowl capacity, approx l 4
Evaporator capacity, approx l 2
Width cm 26
Dept cm 57
Height cm 72
Net weight, approx kg 50
Gross weight, approx kg 55
Power W 1300
Gas   R290
Gas (220V 60Hz, 100/115V 50/60Hz)    R448a


Other technical features
- Backlit graphics -LED technology-
- Brushless motor
- Touch display
- Hermetic compressor
- Air-cooled condenser
- Overload protector
- Noise level lower than 70 dB (A)
- R290: equipped with ATEX electrical components


Available voltages
- 230V 50Hz
- 115V 60Hz
- 208-220V 60Hz
- 240V 50Hz
- 100V 50/60Hz







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